Top 6 Best Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults – Buying Guide 2020

Whether you’re a young free-spirited person or in the early adult ears of your life. All of you would have at some point in your lives would have taken a go at heavy duty swing sets for adults. We are right in assuming that most of you have tasted a feel of it right?


Similarly, even when most of you are grown up and married and settled some still like to hold on to those childhood memories by building their own outdoor swing sets for adults. So that they and their kids can have a fun time just like they did before them.

So today in our buying guide, we’ll review the best and safest of these heavy duty swing sets for adults. With ranging from models of playground swings for sale, commercial swing sets for adults, indoor playground for adults and backyard swings for adults.

Factors to Consider

Setting it Up

As obvious with almost any new equipment, when your heavy duty swing set make sure you fully understand how it is set up. Choosing a one that is easy to set up and doesn’t allow for extra spending on it is always the best choice.

Metal sets

While metal has the reputation of getting rust and what not, in these days oiling, lubrication and coating are also available to get rid of those old problems. So while a heavy duty metal swing set would be a bit expensive than the wood one’s, the metal swing sets would be easier to get up and running than the wood ones. Plus, it will be impervious to any whether conditions.

Weight limit

While your swing sets would be for adults, make sure of the max weight limit they can support. Since if someone which is the bulkiest of heaviest of you takes a swing at these metal play ground swing sets, due to extra weight there are chances of it breaking and causing injuries. So be mindful.

Heavy duty metal chain

To make swing sets strong enough for adults, you need to make sure that the chain is of the best type possible. So that it can help with the swing effectively and wouldn’t snap out under extreme pressures. Folks, this is a must know for heavy duty swing sets for adults.

Top 6 best heavy duty swing sets for adults

Movement God metal commercial swing set

☞Supports a decent weight
☞Ideal for kids
☞Contains a soft mat seat
Price on Amazon
Ironkids Challenge Metal Swing Set

☞Monkey bar
☞A UV protective sun shade
☞Comes with lifetime guarantee
Price on Amazon
Super Deal heavy duty metal swing set

☞Easy to set up
Price on Amazon
Lifetime heavy duty swing sets

☞Available in two different colors
☞Free standing play set
☞High quality
Price on Amazon
Lifetime Monkey metal swing set with monkey bars

☞No extra maintenance required
☞No cementing required
☞Strong swing chains
Price on Amazon
Backyard Discovery heavy duty metal swing set

☞Easily assembled
☞Low cost on maintenance
☞Resistant to weather
Price on Amazon


1.Movement God metal commercial swing setMovement God metal commercial swing set

Price on Amazon

Rated at a decent 4/5 stars the first on our list of heavy duty swing set is this swing set from Movement God. What it offers check below.

Key Features
  • Supports a decent weight capability.
  • Ideal for kids as well along with adults. But cannot sustain a higher weight if the adult is heavy.
  • Allows for a max of one adult per time.
  • Contains a soft mat seat for easier and comfortable swinging experience.
  • Ideal for swings for older children.

Then stop worrying any more, and buy out this swing set at a decent price before it’s too late and you’re left wondering what the hell happened.

Customer Review
  • This swing set firstly, is much more difficult to set up than it seems. So definitely requires 2 people to get it up and we did it eventually for our young kids. Now they thoroughly enjoy this swing set, even I ride it sometimes and it doesn’t snap ever!
  • Its impressive just how well built the seat and the metallic frames is once its assembled. Took almost around 1.5 hours to set it up and after that we all took a good swing on it. A great cheap swing set.

2.Ironkids Challenge Metal Swing SetIronkids Challenge Metal Swing Set

Price on Amazon

Moving on, with our list of swing sets to buy. Rated at 4.2/5 stars is this Ironkids swing set. Check why it’s different than the rest below. And also, why it should be of particular interest to adults.

Key Features
  • Has all the basic exercises swings you need to burn off your calories and get fit.
  • Cumulatively the various parts of the set include, a glider, monkey bar, ladder and last but not the least a swing.
  • Monkey bar to get the arm strength you need while focusing on other chest aspects as well.
  • Ladder for climbing helps for the kids to get a sense of balance and movement. Also helps in building up confidence.
  • Doesn’t take that long to assemble. Approx. 2 hours at best.
  • Comes with covered chains for the swing.
  • A UV protective sun shade comes equipped with the metallic swing set to protect your kids during summer from the scorching heat.
  • A safe interactive playing environment guaranteed.
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee.

Well when a swing set which are as determined as Ironkid for your kids and their physical fitness levels. How can you possibly choose to ignore them? Stay put and buy their swing sets to get the safe and secure playtime your lovely kids deserve.

Customer Review
  • Have had this up and running for years now and I still remember the time when I first assembled it. It was a bit tricky with the nuts and bolts but eventually doable. One great thing is that it’s really solid looking, stable and no need of anchoring as it comes along.
  • Under the price tag you could hardly get a swing set like this on here. The glider by far is my fav part of this swing set as it goes to huge heights without fumbling or shaking. My kids are having a hell of a ride on this one. So, a great buy!

3.Super Deal heavy duty metal swing setSuper Deal heavy duty metal swing set

Price on Amazon

Rated at a strong 4.4/5 stars on our list of swing sets. What this metal commercial swing set offers, check below.

Key Features
  • Gives a combo feature having both a metal swing set frame and round swing set as well.
  • Idea playground equipment for sale for both outdoors and indoors.
  • Heavy duty steel framing used which are resistant to weather changes.
  • Coated frames to ensure durability and prevent rusting.
  • Rigid looking structure can sustain up to weights of 220lbs ideal for heavy duty swings for adults.
  • The saucer swing seat has a good safety rating and allows you to move back and forth on it in any direction you want.
  • Large moving directions for the saucer swing seat so that your friends can move around in any direction without hurting themselves.
  • Stable and safe.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Sturdy ropes for the link of saucer swing.

Hence, buy this fashionable and strong looking heavy duty swing set for adults and bring on extra fun to your backyard activities.

Customer Review
  • Although stability is ensured with this swing, but we installed some anchors on the ground to hold it together and it works brilliantly afterwards. Now we can use them without having worries of it tripping.
  • A great swing however the frame is I’d say average at best. In short, my kids and I are in absolute love with it.

4.Lifetime heavy duty swing setsLifetime heavy duty swing sets

Price on Amazon

Now in our list of best heavy duty swing sets for adults, rated at a strong 4.5/5 stars. we present this best seller from Lifetime. Check below its strongest features.

Key Features
  • Available in two different colors.
  • Free standing play set for maximum fun.
  • Includes a trapeze bar with the swing as well for adults trying different tricks while swinging.
  • Safe swinging experience.
  • High quality strong allow resistant to corrosion and also prevents the need to overcoat or paint it as often.
  • Since its free standing so does not require any additional anchoring to it for stability.
  • All playground standards approved.

So, choose Lifetime as the brand’s name suggests it will be the best decision you make for your swing sets.

Customer Review
  • The bolts for the swing set are really strong and sturdy. Over all the setting up took around an hour or so but after that we accomplished it. This swing set goes really nice with all three of my kids who love to play and swing around on it. Its really stable and a must recommend!
  • I bought this set when my daughter was around 2 years old and now, she’s 8 almost and still swings on this set like before with her friends. We live in a hilly area where there’s frequent rain and snow but this set is as strong as ever holding up. Totally loving the purchase.

5.Lifetime Monkey metal swing set with monkey barsLifetime Monkey metal swing set with monkey bars

Price on Amazon

Focusing again on the best sellers from Lifetime we bring you metal swing set with monkey bars. Rated at a best of 4.8/5 stars. It offers the following features

Key Features
  • Available in 2 different colors.
  • Free standing structure similar to its previous model.
  • A safe set for all ages and adults with belt swings, some gym rings and the special monkey bars for adults to hang on to.
  • Plastic caps on the dangerous edges to prevent any incidents.
  • No extra maintenance required.
  • A large swinging area for the set with 5-year warranty.
  • No cementing required since its free standing.
  • Strong swing chains ensure durability for the swing.
  • Guaranteed to keep their well-kept design and look for future.

So, buy this favorite of kids these days before it runs out.

Customer Review
  • My both kids which are 9 and 12 go on this swing set as high as possible without stability issues. Even my husband and I can easily swing on the monkey bars which are really high even for him since he’s around 6 feet tall. Overall a great playground equipment for sale in my opinion.
  • I bought this swing set after multiple reviews and opinions from people who had already bought this. Everything was perfect about this right from the delivery time to the assembly. There was no problem with the packaging nor the small nuts and bolts. Together this was put up in about 5 hours approx. A totally worth it swing set.

6.Backyard Discovery heavy duty metal swing setBackyard Discovery heavy duty metal swing set

Price on Amazon

Now in our list of play ground swings for sale we present another heavy outdoor swing for adults. Rated at a best of 4.8/5 stars, this metal playground swing sets offers the following.

Key Features
  • Easily assembled with step by step building application provided on purchase.
  • No need for anchoring for stability as it’s a well-supported free-standing structure.
  • Due to low maintenance cost, this swing set commercial playground equipment is suitable to be installed at local parks of communities.
  • Low cost on maintenance.
  • Resistant to weather.
  • No need of worrying about the metal of the swing set due to high quality metal.
  • 1-year guaranty.
  • Comparatively 40% larger than the rest of normal heavy duty swing sets for adults.

Then employ this Backyard Brutus swing set for your kids and family members. So that they can have a box of beautiful memories ready which they won’t need to let go ever.

Customer Review
  • Deciding between this and Lifetime swing sets was a real struggle for me but eventually I bought this swing set due to its newer model. Compared to the tough installation of Lifetime the Backyard was relatively easier to install and worked great upon use. There cannot be enough praise for the installation help of its own app which guides you through the setting up process. A must buy swing set for your kids and even yourselves!
  • A supreme quality product in my eyes which was like a piece of cake to assemble with its brilliant guiding application. The great part was the anchors which came pre-installed with the swing set. My kids absolutely adore this a frame swing set.


Conclusively, we hope that now with our buying guide you’ll be at ease when you’re wondering about finding the best heavy duty swing sets for adults. While you’ll find many around on amazon, go for the one which bring out the best for your kids and your budget.

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Yes, they totally can. Infact many love swings.
Around an average of 500 pounds.ption
They vary but approx. they come around 10 x 11 or 30 x 41 for large swing sets with other swings.
Prices generally vary for metal swings and other swings. From $100 to $500. In some cases, for commercial swing sets for adults it goes from around $1000-$3000.
Yes, they do, whether for outdoor or backyard they got you covered.
They do but it depends on where you live and some other factors to consider.

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