Achieve Smooth Finish With Orbital Deck & Floor Sander

Wooden decks are a thing that always remains in style. To maintain the looks and quality of the wooden floor the best orbital deck & floor sander comes in very handy. Many people face issues in selecting the sander in this competitive market but don’t worry we have got you covered.

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DeWalt DWE6421K

☞ Dust sealed switch
☞ 3. 0 amp motor
☞ Rubber grip

Things to Consider

Sanding Area

  • You need to consider the area where you need sanding. If it is flat then you can use any product
  • If the surface is uneven try and buy a versatile sander

Type of Sander

  • The nature of the work decides the type of sander suitable for the job
  • Orbital sanders are commonly used when you need more precision in the finishing

Power Input

  • You need to choose between the corded sanders and battery ones
  • If the job requires that you have to work for longer hours prefer going for a corded one
  • But if you choose a battery one, consider the one that has lithium-ion batteries


  • A high price doesn’t need to mean a better product. Compare the features of all products and then see if you are getting the features you need

Dust Collector

  • Sanders creates a lot of dust, so before buying make sure to buy the sander that has a dust collector

Top 8 Orbital Deck & Floor Sander

DeWalt DWE6421K

☞ Dust sealed switch
☞ 3. 0 amp motor
☞ Rubber grip
4.8Check Price
Makita 9403 Belt Sander

☞ Noiseless
☞ Powerful
☞ Speedy
4.7Check Price
Makita B05041K

☞ Adjustable handle
☞ 1/8 inch orbit action
☞ Variable speed setting
4.7Check Price
Bosch OS50VC

☞ Strong
☞ Minimized vibrations
☞ Big sanding paper
4.6Check Price
Bosch ROS20VSC

☞ Easy to use
☞ Micro-filtration
☞ Adjustable Speed dial
4.6Check Price
SKIL 7510-01

☞ Affordable
☞ Controls pressure
☞ Strong
4.5Check Price
Hitachi SB8V2

☞ Durable
☞ Great design
☞ Reasonable price
4.2Check Price
TACKLIFE Belt Sander

☞ Coverts to a bench sander
☞ 13 pcs sanding belts
☞ Six speeds option
4.2Check Price

1. DeWalt DWE6421K

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  • It comes with the 3.0 amp motor that helps the pad to spin at 12000 OPM
  • The sander has a dust-sealed switch which prevents the dust to go in the machine and prolonging the life of the product
  • It has an easy one-hand locking system for the machine’s dust bag
  • To provide the comfortable grip the grip is made of rubber material


  • Dust sealed switch
  • Rubber grip
  • 3. 0 amp motor


  • No support handle
  • Only one-hand operation

This orbital floor sander has a motor of 3.0 amp that allows the sander pad to move and spin at 12000 OPM.

The grip is made of rubber that is easy to hold, but there is no extra support handle. This issue can be ignored, but not for those you feel comfortable with extra support.

The dust bag of the orbital floor sander has a one-hand locking system. It also has a dust-sealed switch that protects the machine from dust that comes in, which in turn prolongs the lifespan of the machine.

Customer Reviews

I have used this sander for long hours and still, the performance remained strong.

2. Makita 9403 Belt Sander

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  • The sander only produces 84 decibels sound while it’s working
  • It comes with 4-inch wide belt that works at the speed of 1640 feet per minute for fast working
  • It is a labyrinth construction that protects it from getting damaged
  • This sander comes with a big grip so the worker can hold it easily and also has a speed control dial
  • It weighs 13 pounds


  • Noiseless
  • Speedy
  • Powerful


  • High price

This random orbital floor sander has a very quiet operation and produces only 84 decibels. One more positive about this orbital flooring sander is that the power cord is present at the top of the machine which makes plugging very easy.

The random orbital floor sander has strong construction which saves it from getting damaged and that’s the reason it can work fast at the rate of 1640 feet per minute.

It weighs 13 pounds which makes it a bit heavier, but it can be overlooked as it has a 4-inch wide belt that a worker can easily work with.

The only drawback of this orbital flooring sander is that it comes with a high price tag. But other than that if you decide to buy this, the performance will not disappoint you.

Customer Reviews

It is a very strong tool, but if you want to replace the belt it is very difficult to find this size.

3. Makita B05041K

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  • With its 3.0 amp motor, it provides smooth and good results
  • It gives you the option to choose from the speed range of 4000-12000 OPM
  • It has a rubber grip which makes it very comfortable to use for long hours
  • The adjustable handle on the front makes it quite easy to reach places which are difficult to sand
  • To provide the swirl-free finish it gives 1/8 inch random orbit action


  • Adjustable handle
  • Variable speed setting
  • 1/8 inch orbit action


  • Less secure hook and loop disc

The strong 3.0 amp motor provides the orbital deck & floor sander with 1/8 inch orbit action, to provide smooth and swirl-free results. You also have the option to switch between different speeds settings, the range this sander provides is 4000-12000 OPM.

To provide a comfortable experience for long hours of work, the handle on this orbital deck & floor sander is covered with the rubber material. And also the front handle is adjustable so you can perform tasks on the difficult areas that before you were unable to.

Customer Reviews

This sander is great. It’s quiet and keeps the vibrations to the minimum.

4. Bosch OS50VC

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  • It comes with the 3.4 amp strong motor and has a sanding pad of ½ inch which covers the large deck area
  • The sander moves in controlled and steady movements and also minimizes vibrations
  • It has speed dial to easily control the speed of its working
  • The sander weighs at 9lbs
  • It uses dust canister instead of a dust collector, but it works effectively as well


  • Strong
  • Big sanding paper
  • Minimized vibrations


  • Expensive

Sanding a deck with a belt sander has been made easy with this product. With its 3.4 amp motor, the sander minimizes the vibrations and works with steady and controlled movements.

It comes with ½ inch sanding paper, which is ideal if you are working on large decks. It weighs 9lb which seems heavy but is good for keeping the sander parallel to the floor.

The sander has dust canister which works equally well as a dust collector does, you can easily remove it when you want to throw out the dust. The con of this product is that the price tag is a bit high for some people.

Customer Reviews

This is an amazing product. The dust collecting and sander feature both work great.

5. Bosch ROS20VSC

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  • It has a pad dampening system which gives the smooth finish
  • The powerful 2.5 amp motor sander allows easy adjustment of speed
  • It has a micro-filter system to collect particles as small as ½ micron
  • This compact sander’s dust canister shows the level of dust so you can change it at the right time


  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable Speed dial
  • Micro-filtration


  • For small jobs only

This small and compact sander has made sanding a deck with a belt sander very easy and you can also adjust its grip in your hands easily. It has a powerful motor of 2.5 amp that completes the work efficiently.

This sander for sanding a wood deck has a microfiltration system that takes out every small dust particles even as small as ½ micron. Furthermore, the dust collector also has an indicator light which turns on the moment it is time to clean the collector.

Customer Reviews

This inexpensive product has great quality. I am very satisfied with its performance.

6. SKIL 7510-01

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  • This has a unique feature of pressure control technology that updates you when the excessive pressure is applied
  • Its auto-track system will control the belt and keep it at the center of the track
  • The micro-filtration makes sure to get every small dust particle
  • Changing the belt is very easy with the help of a single lever


  • Affordable
  • Strong
  • Controls pressure


  • Problems in dust collector
  • Small belt

This 3 by 18-inch sander is one of the best way to sand a deck, it is a reasonable and affordable product. It has a 6 amp strong motor which makes it capable of working on every type of surface.

The pressure control system makes it stand apart from other machines, as the light on this sander will turn on if you are applying to much pressure. This makes working very easy.

The micro-filtration feature makes sure to get tiny particles of dirt from the floor, but you might face problems with the dust collector because it gets disconnected during use which makes it quite frustrating. Also, the belt size is small so it takes a lot of time to work on big areas.

Customer Reviews

It is a good product but connecting the dust collector the right way is very complicated.

7. Hitachi SB8V2

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  • It comes with speed dial which allows you to easily adjust the speed
  • The sander covers 1475 inches per minute which assist you in completing the work quickly
  • It has elastomer grip which makes it very comfortable to hold for longer hours
  • This sander has the belt of 3 by 21 inches


  • Durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Great design


  • Small sanding belt

This sander for sanding a wood deck comes under the most affordable products you can find. With its compact size of 3 by 21 inches belt you can easily carry it along with you and also it gives you good control. But for some people, the size may be too small.

It has a strong motor of 9 amp to sand through all the rough surfaces. Also, the grip of this product is very comfortable which comes in handy when you have to work for a longer period.

This sander works at 1475 inches per minute which makes it a tool that can complete the work quickly.

Customer Reviews

It works very well and very easy to control. Furthermore, the changing of the belt is also very easy.

8. TACKLIFE Belt Sander

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  • This sander includes 13 pcs of belts for sanding
  • It gives you the option of 6-speed settings
  • The sander also provides you the connection for vacuum cleaner
  • You can covert this belt sander into bench sander as well


  • Coverts to a bench sander
  • Six speeds option
  • 13 pcs sanding belts


  • The grip design is poor

This versatile belt sander allows you to convert it into bench sander any time you want. The machine also has a connection option that you can attach to the vacuum cleaner.

It allows you to have control over the speed with 6 different options also it comes with the 13 pcs of extra sanding paper which is quite helpful.

The dust collector system of this product is amazing as well and you can easily detach it. But the product lacks a comfortable grip design which may make it difficult to use for long hours.

Customer Reviews

This product is great. I loved the clamps that easily turn the sander machine upside down.


Whether you are a professional or buying the sander for your home project, this is not as difficult as it seems. Just follow the directions mentioned in the article carefully and you are in a good place to decide the best orbital deck & floor sander for yourself.

If you are looking for any other option then buying, you can always go and rent floor sander home depot.


1. How do you use an orbital floor sander on a deck?

The best way to sand a deck is:

  • First, you need to decide on the type of sander, for this job prefer a random orbit sander
  • After this decision get suitable sandpaper, which is available in the range of 60 grits to 240 grit
  • When these choices are made its time to clean the wood
  • After cleaning the wood you can start your sanding process.

2. What is best Sander for decks?

DeWalt DWE6421K is best Sander for decks you can find in the market today. If you just want it for a single project, this is also the best floor sander to rent.

3. How long does it take to sand a floor with an orbital sander?

It will take 2-4 days per room in case you are not using a full kit along with the orbital sander.

4. What’s the best sander for wood floors?

Makita 9403 is one of the best options for wood floors. If you are not looking to buy it you can find this best floor sander to rent in markets easily.

5. What is the difference between an orbital sander and a drum sander?

In the drum floor sander, only a small part of sanding paper and drum are in contact while the orbital sander uses grinding motion.

6. How do you make old hardwood floors look new?

You can use a buffing technique that retains the shine of the wood, but it will only work if the wood itself is not damaged.

7. how to use a hiretech orbital deck & floor sander?

It is very easy to use hiretech orbital deck & floor sander, you just have to plug in the cord and you are good to go. You can adjust the settings easily through the panel on the top of the machine.

8. what grit sandpaper for deck sanding?

60-150 grit sandpaper is good for deck sanding.