What are the Symptoms and Cures for Arthritis?

Treating arthritis properly requires the patient to evolve into a step-by-step procedure–in the initial symptoms are observed, if they are considerable, the diagnosis is apprehended, based on it, the cures are recommended to the patient. In the remedies, exercising, losing weight, massage using a hand massager for arthritis are solemnly soothing.

Symptoms of Arthritis

As the most known symptoms of arthritis are;

  • Pain in joints
  • Difficulty in moment
  • Loss of motion
  • Stiffness in the site
  • Fatigue

As the condition develops greater in extent, it causes severity in the symptoms that are;

  • Less healing of cuts over the area.
  • The greater amount of pain and lasting as well.
  • Massage doesn’t relieve anymore.
  • Weakness
  • Joint deformity
  • Complete loss of motion
  • Joint swelling
  • Tender to touch—joints

As the symptoms develop the condition becomes harsh to deal with—thus, the remedy to take in the pre and initial stages is much recommended. The pain in the joint as one moves is common, but it starts to stay there, even if the victim doesn’t move the relevant muscles.

Diagnosis for Arthritis

The diagnosis of arthritis is undertaken over the physical examination of the body, laboratory tests, and imaging, then the according to treatment for the condition is apprehended. This is because the severity of arthritis varies from body to body.

Physical Examination

The physical session of checking up the body—swelling, tender, color (mostly redness), and inflammation of the joints are looked at keenly. The physician likewise tends to notice the tolerance of weight, pressure, and mobility in the joints. Now, as per the type of arthritis, the diagnostic procedure moves to the laboratory tests, and imaging.

Laboratory Tests

Pitching out the inside condition of fluids in the body that is affected or can affect the body are need to be checked. The fluids of the body being diagnosed are;

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Joint fluid

The joint fluid is extracted by inserting the needle in the relevant joint that is suspected as the culprit.


The imaging is responsible for the inner lookover of the body’s stature—this helps the physicians to check in the severity and conditions that it can form or have already formed. The main including of the imaging diagnosis is;

  • X-rays: it uses the lower-level radiation going thru the body to give in a visual condition of the cartilages and bones. This allows the physician to check in the cartilage damage/loss, bone damage, and any other severity in the bone.
  • CT: The CT scan (computerized tomography scan) follows the X-ray diagnostic of certain body parts consisting of different angles—thus giving a better overlook of the bones, cartilages, and the surrounding connective/soft tissues.
  • Ultrasound: The waves of higher frequencies are penetrated through the body that delivers the diagnosis of soft tissues, fluid-containing structures (bursae) and cartilages. This imaging is likewise at the time of inserting a needle for fluid collection required for the laboratory tests.

How Arthritis is Caused on Hands?

The understanding of arthritis can be done by giving in an insight into the structure where it is caused—different structural bones are attached to each other by cartilages, arthritis is the wearing down of these cartilages between the bones (or in the joints) causing the bone to wear against the bone. The major causes of arthritis are;

Mechanical Considerations

The joint stability, alignment, and angle might be the culprit behind the development of arthritis—affected by forces distributed across the joints, thus having an impact on the condition.

Biochemical Considerations

The own symmetry and structure of cartilage contribute to giving up a ratio of developing arthritis. The sudden changes in the connective tissues can be a factor.


With age the cartilages are worn off, this is the most common factor of causing arthritis in both men and women.


Gender plays a crucial role in causing arthritic inflammation. As the women have estrogen that keeps the check of inflammation—thus, when facing menopause, they adhere to the development of arthritis because of less estrogen as compared to the men.

Genetic History

The quotation “might be family’s fault” is apprehensible here. Genetic likewise an important suspect for the development of arthritis. It is commonly reported that people that have this condition in elder blood relations have the tendency to develop it.


The traumatic injury or hit is an ultimate way that may lead to arthritis. As the damage to the cartilage might make it wear off completely thus resulting in developing arthritis.

Cures of Arthritis

The cross diagnosis of the patient’s family history, disease development history, different angled X-rays and thorough physical examinations allows the physician to apply the relevant cure suitable for a particular case.  However, a quick remedy for arthritis is to have a hand massager at home . The remedies for arthritis are enlisted as;

Home Remedies for Arthritis

Although the in-depth and technical treatments are solemnly recommended over the physician’s note there are likewise some ways that can be apprehended without any concern of drawback or severity in the condition;

Managing the Weight

The subtle ratio of weight for the patient comprehensively plays a role in the condition of arthritis—obesity or extra weight puts strain on the joints that result in a greater extent of pain. The medical studies over arthritis recommend the arthritis patient to decrease the weight (as if the patient has obese BMI) it will relieve off much strain from the body. Less weight will help as;

  • Better moment of joints
  • Less pain
  • Tolerance to the future damage to the joints


As the management of weight is inter-related with the exercise—but as for not the decreasing of weight, the exercise is helpful itself. Exercising periodically will help you as in;

  • Managing the weight.
  • Much relief as the joints become flexible.
  • Tolerance against the harshness at the moment.
  • Empowering the muscles for better tolerance of future damages.
  • Stronger body giving in the robust support.

The question that pops in here “which exercise would be better for arthritis victims?” The most suitable ones so far for the patients are;

  • Walking
  • Rope skipping
  • Cycling
  • Jogging

Gym training might not be recommended for severe symptoms but under the instructions of the physician—is limited to the target of the moment, it can be fruitful.

Heat Treatment

The stiffness in the body is one of the main causes that lead to pain in the joints—thus, heating the body with a

  • Long warm shower
  • Heated massage from the massager device
  • Moist heated pads likewise diminish the soreness in the joints

Cold Treatments

As contrary to the heating treatment, exposure to the cold can likewise help in relieving. The cold treatments involve;

  • Putting the gel ice pack over the joints.
  • Placing anything cold, better if crippled in the towel (never apply ice directly to the joints).

Applying these cold packs on the inflammation of joints deliver quick relief from the pain and tenderness in them.

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